Welcome to Mossburn School

Excited about learning and aiming for excellence

We’re a lovely 3-4 classroom country school situated in the heart of Southland. We’re about an hour out from Invercargill or Queenstown (take your pick!) and approx 40mins from Te Anau – so we’re bang smack in the middle!

Our roll usually fluctuates between 50 – 70 children.  Our current NZ Maori roll is around 25% and currently we have children from India, Philippines and Sri Lanka.  Most children come from farming backgrounds and their behaviour is impeccable.

The teaching staff are experienced and know the children extremely well.  Our support staff are amazing and do make a difference.  The parents/caregivers and the community members involved are very supportive too.  All in all the partnership between all concerned is very healthy and all our children are very fortunate having this wonderful support.  Life is good in Mossburn!

Our School Motto is… ‘Attitude is Everything’ – This came about from the inspirational ‘Mark Inglis’ – where he’d often refer to his can-do attitude when mountaineering and in general life experiences.  Regan Armstrong (ex teacher) and staff came up with the idea (Attitude is Everything) and the children liked it!  We expect all our children to give things a go and have a positive attitude towards learning.

Our school values are… Communication, Honesty, Attitude, Responsibility & Manners – known as ‘CHARM’ – We expect all our children to demonstrate good communication skills, to be honest with themselves and others, to have a positive can-do attitude, to take responsibility for their own learning and to have good manners – the simple things; to say thank you, excuse me, to hold the door open for someone and so forth.  All the staff and children narrowed down our principles and values (from our old Charter) and selected their top five to make it easier for everyone to remember!  CHARM is simply easy to remember!