Our landline no longer operates 

To contact the office - ring or text 0223074496 or email office@mossburn.school.nz

  • All bus pick up/drop off change messages
  • Absence messages (if you haven’t used the HERO app feature)

To contact the principal - ring or text 0272856252 or email principal@mossburn.school.nz

To contact your child’s teacher - ring, text or email them or use the HERO Home/School Communication button - this will send a private message to your child’s teacher (no one else will see it). 


Home/School Communication button - for communicating directly (and privately)with your child’s teacher. They will receive a notification that you have sent a message and will reply as soon as they can. (No other parent will see these messages). You could share photos or information of things that your child has done at home. 
Community Feed - where a teacher will put on a notice or information for the whole class or whole school. You can comment on these and everyone will see your comments.
Kikorangi/Mawhero/Kakariki Learning Feature - Your child’s teacher will put work your child has done, assessment data etc on here for just you and your child to see (no other parents see this). You can comment on the feeds and your teacher will see. This is where all of our reporting/assessment data will be. 

Phone: 0223074496
Email: office@mossburn.school.nz

28 Surrey Street
Mossburn 9792

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