Directly Resourced – Dome Network Northern Southland College, Lumsden, Balfour and Mossburn School
Network Chairperson - Pete Wilkinson
Network Advisor/Manager Greig Neilson
Mossburn School Bus Controller - Tracey Doak
Network Bus Operator GoBus


Trina, Pete, Cindy and Steve

If your child is a bus pupil and you need to pick them up yourselves, or they are
travelling home by other means, please send a note or ring with any changes.
Please note that unless we are told otherwise, your child will be sent home on
their normal bus.

For information on the Mossburn School Bus Routes - click on the following link

Feed Back on Bus Routes/Complaints

Supporters and Sponsors

Parents, please support our local businesses

Te Anau Plumbing AB Lime Chris Swale - Country & Co. Realty Ltd Northern Southland Transport Ltd Southland Forest Services

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