School Facilities



We have a well-stocked school library which is available for use by all community
members. Parents are encouraged to use the library and share books with their
children. The opportunity exists for children and parents to visit the library after
school, any day.
All classes have at least ½ an hour of guided activities in the library per week.


Swimming Pool

A Community Pool is situated on school grounds. The swimming programme
generally runs for two weeks in Terms 1 and 4. Parental help is required for this and
requests for help are published in the weekly newsletter. Your support would be
much appreciated if you are able to help with this.



Indoor Sports Complex

The Indoor Sports Complex came to fruition in 2023 after generous donations from locals. Once an unused outdoor swimming pool, now a multi -purpose building suitable for indoor cricket, netball, gymnastics, badminton, table tennis and physical education classes when the weather is inclement. The complex is hired out by the netball club, Southland Cricket and SDC holiday programmes. The success of the sports complex was such that it became a finalist for the Southland Murihiku Sports Awards 2023 Community Impact Award. It was show-cased during the inaugural Northern Southland Year 5-6 Sports Tournament held in Term 4 at Mossburn School. 


Mossburn School also has a multi-purpose turf area which has markings for tennis, netball, basketball and football/hocket. A roll away tennis net and football/hockey goals means the turf can be used for any code at any time. 




There is a reason why Mossburn has wind turbines on the surrounding hills.... it can get quite windy... and cold... and wet... but this isn't a problem at Mossburn School as we have a fantastic play/multi-purpose area called the shelter. It serves many purposes: playing in on hot and cold days, shooting hoops, whole school activities, community buffets/bbqs, storage for large items and much much more. 


Mossburn students have a wide array of playground equipment from older style monkey bars and climbing frames to the newer adventure playground equipment. There is also a large sandpit with numerous trucks and spades for those important road building activities.

Fitness Course

Mossburn students have a great way to keep fit with the fitness assault course that develops strength, agility, balance and stamina. 

The Field

As well as all of the other amazing facilities, we also have a large playing field with rugby goal posts, football goals, a 100 metre running track and long jump pit. There is also "the bank". The bank is the area that goes from the edge of the field down a steep slope to the fenced off paddock. It is an area where all sorts of wonderful (and not so wonderful - Whaea Tanya breaking her leg falling off her bike) activities occur: making mud slides, making other slides, playing in trees, making huts, playing hide and seek and much much more. 

Supporters and Sponsors

Parents, please support our local businesses

Te Anau Plumbing AB Lime Chris Swale - Country & Co. Realty Ltd Northern Southland Transport Ltd Southland Forest Services

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